Little Muslimah... is a heartwarming story depicting a day in the life of a young Muslim girl growing up in the West. More than just a kids' book about Islam, Little Muslimah beautifully captures the joy and innocence of childhood and the universal love between mother and child.

Superbly presented with vibrant hand-painted illustrations by multi-award winning artist Hillary Scott.

As a gentle introduction to the Islamic faith, complete with an Arabic-English glossary, this is a book to be enjoyed by children from all backgrounds. The perfect addition to any multi-ethnic library.

Formats available: Hardcover, paperback, ebook (Kindle)
8.5 in x 8.5 in (21.4 cm x 21.4 cm)

97809925445-2-2 (Hardcover)
97809925445-7-7 (Paperback)
97809925445-6-0 (Kindle e-book)

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Who we are

Changing the face of Islamic children's literature book at a time

Minaret Press was founded in 2014 to publish Islamic children's books in the English language. With the debut publication of Little Muslimah we bring a fresh perspective to Islamic publishing. At Minaret Press, we believe that Muslim kids deserve to have beautiful books written about them and for them. It is our aim to produce books that kids will want to read over and over.

  • 100% Family Owned

    We're parents of young children too! We know it can be challenging to find high quality Islamic children's books for our Muslim kids.

  • Our passion, your pleasure

    Making books for kids is lots of fun! We love what we do and have a genuine passion for crafting great stories and bringing them to life with engaging pictorial content. We are also committed to ensuring our books are permissible and educational from an Islamic perspective. For this reason we do not display the head or face of any created being in any of our books.

  • This is just the beginning!

    Insha'Allah, with your support, we have ambitious plans to publish many books over the coming months and years. We hope you can join us on this exciting journey. We always welcome your comments and suggestions so please do keep in touch by using our Contact Us form and by subscribing to our newsletter.

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